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Steam Eye Mask
    Publish time 2017-06-02 16:58    
Size: suit for all

Steam Sleep Eye Mask

Main ingredient: cooked Rehmanniae Praeparata extracts, cassia seed extracts, mulberry leaves extracts, Iron powder, activated carbon, salt, water, non-woven etc.

Four kinds of fragrance(please choose the number):  #1/lavender, #2/rose, #3/no fragrance, #4/chamomile

About the product:
1.Functions: Reduces eye wrinkles and relieves eye strain-heated steam softly surrounds the eyes. this moisturizing hot therapy promotes blood circulation for your under eyes , relief for migraine, Headache, Dry eyes , allergies, dark circles, puffy and itchy eyes.
2.Convenient and portable so it can be used at home, at work or while traveling. No need microwave or electric plug, just open and put on, it automatically start heating and warming up. Take a anti wrinkle energizing spa treatment without go to spa.
3.Steam is about 42°C, the most suitable temperature for the eyes, each masks lasts for about 30 mins.
4.Multi Nutrient Content: Inner contains multi nutrient contents, it has efficient hydration and anti-oxidation repair functions.
5.Fresh fragrance, different fragrances for your choices. Earloop design is convenient to wear, conforms to your face and eyes, suitable for any face shape and any posture, day or night, sleep or just short nap.

1.Relieve eyes tiredness, improve eyes moisture, and soften skin around eyes, reduces dark circles, eye bags, and fine lines, moisturize the eye skin.
2.The natural plant fragrance can stabilize and keep mind peace, and help release pressure.
3.Balance central nervous, remove panic and depressed bad mood, relax and comfort spirit.

Designed for people who:
1.spend long time on computers or cellphones.
2.feel ache or fatigue on eyes or blurred vision .
3.have black eye, eye bag, eye puffiness, crow's feet or adipose bead.
4.feel excessive oil secretion, mental depression, and slack thoughts

How to use?
Take out the mask and it begins to self heat, hang it on your ears, close your eyes during the usage, after 1 mins, it remains 42 degree constant temperature, After 30 minutes, the temperature drops.

1.The product is one-time use of products, do not re-use.
2.Do not use when you have eye disease and wait a moment after using eye potions.
3.Do not use when there are some innormal conditions such as injury, swelling and eczema around your eyes.
4.Air-Activated, no fuels, use the eye mask immediately when you open it.